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Application for Election Workers

Thank you for your interest in working as an Election Official in the 2018 Municipal Elections in the City of Oshawa.  Every Official will also be required to complete employment testing and an interview.  If you are interested in working for the upcoming municipal election and you are eligible to work, please fill in the application below.  If you prefer to apply in person, please visit Service Oshawa at Oshawa City Hall, 50 Centre Street South in Oshawa.

All fields marked with an asterisk are required.

Personal Information
Mailing Address
Contact Information
NOTE: Emails must be unique to the person, i.e. not sharing between spouses who are both applying to work the elections, and must be checked regularly as all communications regarding work assignments and training will be provided via email.

Qualifying Questions
Position Preferences and Training
Personnel will be placed based on availability, capability and Voting Place needs.  Selecting any of the positions does not mean your application will be considered only for that role.
Attendance at an election training session is mandatory for all Election Personnel.  Training sessions will be held in September and October.
Please Note:
  • Voting Day is October 22, 2018.  Election Personnel will be required to work at least 12 hours on Voting Day. 

  • Election personnel will be asked to vote on one of the scheduled advance voting days.

  • There is no guarantee that individuals will be placed near their home, and individuals applying together may not necessarily be placed together.  Applicants must be able to accept a position at any location within the municipality.