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2022 Application for Municipal Election Workers

If you are interested in working for the upcoming municipal election and you are eligible to work, please fill in the application below. Application Deadline: August 15th, 2022.

All applicants MUST complete an assessment form to ensure basic skill requirements are met. Please note that this application does not guarantee placement. If selected, you will be notified by letter or e-mail. Election Day - Monday October 24, 2022

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Job Descriptions

Poll Supervisor ($300.00)

  • Ensure the conduct and integrity of the voting process is maintained and assist other Election staff as needed
  • Verify supplies received from the Clerk and deliver them to the assigned Poll. Distribution to Election Officials will occur at the Poll on day of Voting by the Poll Supervisor
  • Must have access to a vehicle to transport election material to and from City Hall
  • Responsible for the procedures for opening and closing of voting place and returning of materials after closing of Poll
  • Have a general understanding of all positions at the poll to provide relief and assistance when needed
  • Communicate with the Ward Supervisor, Election Coordinator or other staff as required

Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) ($275.00)

  • Be an organized, patient, and polite person who can deal with electors and other election staff, maintain election supplies and forms in an orderly fashion, and assist in arranging and taking down the voting area (i.e. voting screens, signs, posters, etc.)
  • The integrity of the election process by being thoroughly familiar with the procedures to administer oaths to voters, and the function of Proxy Voting and the appropriate form
  • May be assigned to relieve Revisions Clerks if needed

Poll Clerk ($275.00)

  • Assist DRO/Poll Supervisor as required, such as picking up election material and setting up the voting location for opening and again when closing voting place
  • Maintain the integrity of the election process by being thoroughly familiar with the different types of ballots and how to determine the correct ballot for each voter, the function of Proxy Voting and the appropriate form and Voter eligibility requirements
  • Maintain online voters’ list throughout the day by locating voters’ names and keeping track of the numerical order of voting as well as determining the type of ballot each voter should be given

Vote Tabulator Operator ($275.00)

  • Be knowledgeable on the operation of the Automated Vote Tabulators and assist Electors where necessary
  • Ensure that the secrecy of the ballot and elector are maintained
  • Assist DRO/Poll Clerk as required, such as with the set-up, opening, and closing of the poll

Revision Clerk ($275.00)

  • Become familiar with procedures to add/correct information for qualified electors on the voters’ list
  • Assist voters with revision forms as needed and add/revise electors’ names on the Voter's list
  • Assist DRO/Poll Clerk as required, such as with the set-up, opening, and closing of the poll

Election Greeter ($275.00)

  • Greet voters and determine if they are in correct voting location and direct voters to correct DRO
  • Help voters with accessible needs as required (open doors etc.)
  • Assist DRO/Poll Clerk as required, such as with the set-up, opening, and closing of the poll

Roaming Poll Election Officials ($275.00)

  • Works in a two person team setting and attends Institution/Retirement Home Voting Places and acts in a similar function to the DRO and Poll Clerk as described above for the residents of that facility
  • Must have access to a Vehicle and the ability to work two days during the Voting Period (as described on front)
  • Required to attend City Hall on Election Day evening in order to finalize the Poll data from their assigned team

Backup Deputy Returning Officer/Poll Clerk/Vote Tabulator Operator/Revisions Clerk ($75.00)

  • Must be available on Election Day, and/or other day as assigned, in the event a regular election official is unable to work
  • Positions are as listed above and if not called upon for help, are compensated at a Backup Official Rate
  • Must attend an instruction class for Election workers as assigned
Please select the position(s) that interest you (multiple selections allowed) :

Covid-19 Vaccination Declaration for Roaming Poll Officials
All successful applicants must attend a mandatory training session that will be held in October 2022

I declare by submitting this application for employment it is, to the best of my knowledge, an accurate statement of the facts. I understand that falsified statements on this application shall be considered sufficient cause for dismissal.

Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, as amended, and will be used to identify and contact election personnel for municipal election employment. The information is protected under MFIPPA. For questions related to the collection of this information, contact the City of Branford Clerks Department Election Team at City Hall, Brantford, ON. Phone (519) 759-4150 Email: